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Hiring process

Hiring process
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Steps prior to hiring process

An employer who has identified a Philippine agent which will source his/her manpower requirement must submit the recruitment documents to the nearest Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) at the Philippine Embassy/Consulate for verification.  This process ascertains the a) existence of the company or project;  and b) the need for Filipino manpower.

For land-based principals, they should submit the following:

         Special Power of Attorney or Service/Recruitment Agreement

         Master Employment Contract with the minimum contract provision

         Manpower Request form.

If there is no POLO at the jobsite the employer shall undergo the POEA accreditation process where the local agent submits to the POEA item a, b, and c above as well as the visa or equivalent documents.

         Valid business license registration certificate, or equivalent document, or proof of existence of business validated or certified by the issuing authority in the host country; and

         Other documents which the POEA find necessary A foreign principal who acts as a direct employer of a land-based worker may be registered to more than one (1)  Philippine agency while a foreign principal who is licensed to operate as a foreign placement agency may be registered/ accredited a maximum of two (2) Philippine agencies subject to the conditions prescribed by the POEA.


Private land-based recruitment agencies charge service fees from the employers/principals as payment for services rendered in the recruitment and placement of workers.  The employers also pay the cost of:

         POEA processing, PhP200.00

         Worker membership with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), US$25.00

         Visa Fee

Private land-based recruitment agencies are allowed to collect from its selected/hired workers a placement fee equivalent to one (1) month salary, except in countries where laws prohibit collection of fees from workers.

Link to Philippine Overseas Employment Administration site :

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